What recruiters look for in a cover letter

What recruiters look for in a cover letter Top Line Recruiting what recruiters look for in a cover letter 869

What recruiters look for in a cover letter

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So, you are submitting an application for a new role and you aren’t sure what to put on your cover letter, or aren’t even sure you will submit one.

Well, you absolutely should submit one, but when needing to actually write it, what should you include?

Keep on reading for my tips and suggestions on what to include in your cover letter and why submitting one is so important.


We all know that applying for a job is a candidate trying to present themselves in the best possible light to show that they are the one for the job, not one of the other 50 applicants.


A cover letter is a great opportunity to submit an additional document that will showcase your skills. It gives you the opportunity to summarise your skills, experience and suitability for the job.


Things to Include: 

Skills – What skills do you have and how would they be helpful in this role? Sell yourself!!! 

Experience – A quick summary only 

Why you are interested in the role – Why have you sent in an application to work in this role for this company. Do some research and explain why this is the role and company for you! 

Education – Have you completed any further studies? Include them in your cover letter 

Contact Details – How can the hiring manager be in contact with you? 

A proper greeting – Start your cover letter with ‘To the Hiring Manager’ or ‘To ‘Ínsert Name’ if the hiring managers name is provided in the advert.



Things to Avoid: 

Spelling Errors – Please pay some attention to your spelling!! Use spellcheck if you need to! 

Large Chunks of Information  – Your cover letter should be short and sweet (1 page maximum) 

References – Not needed on a Cover Letter. As I have said, short and sweet

Dot Points – Leave these for your CV!

 cover letter tips 

You need to stand out from the pack – a good cover letter, at a time when many people aren’t submitting them, could give you the upper hand in securing your next dream role.


IF you need assistance in creating a standout Resume or Cover Letter, please be in contact with KLC Recruitment today.

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