How boosting your ads can help you find candidates?

How boosting your ads can help you find candidates? Top Line Recruiting how boosting your ads can help you find candidates 872 1

How boosting your ads can help you find candidates?

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In today’s competitive market, sourcing the best talent is more difficult than ever. To your surprise, the reason may be in your job ad. So, let’s see how to write a job posting that will attract quality candidates.

In recent years, we’ve seen a trend where the unemployment rate of most countries is at a historical low. If you’re looking for work – this is awesome news. There’s a variety of jobs to choose from and (in theory, at least) you’ll have no trouble finding your next gig.

If you’re an employer looking for new staff members – you’re in for a wild ride. The talent pool seems to be getting shallower by the day, and the best people are already working for someone else.

In order to attack the problem head-on, take a look at the first point of contact the applicants have with your company – your job ad.

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1. Write your job description carefully

The job description contains sufficient information to describe major responsibilities and essential functions as they exist today.  They provide the information necessary to classify the position, not the person; thus, they are “incumbent neutral” and not based on any specific quality of an incumbent (such as knowledge, skills, abilities, performance, dedication, loyalty, years of service, or degree). 


2. Job Title is a big deal

Most candidates look for jobs through search engines, either on Google or job boards. For this purpose, as boring as it sounds, ‘HR manager’ is a much better solution than ‘HR guru’ – simply because candidates can find it more easily.

“As boring as it sounds, simple job titles work better than creative ones.”

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3. Use a hiring platform for your job ad

Just like us here at KLC, we use our Website as main platform to direct our candidates or potential candidates. But we also use other platforms like Seek, Indeed and Job Active. Make sure to check KLC Recruitment!


Robotic, boring job descriptions do nothing to make you stand out. When you’re seeking forward-thinking, energetic, engaging employees, your job description tone needs to match. Content should also show the overall personality of your company. If you consider your business innovative and cutting edge!



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