The Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Staff

The Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Staff Top Line Recruiting the benefits of hiring temporary staff 611

The Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Staff

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When hiring new staff, there are a multitude of ways that you can employ them. Each different form has its own positive and negative reasons. In this blog I explore why hiring temporary staff is beneficial and why it is becoming an extremely popular choice for organisations of all shapes and sizes. 

When you employ temporary staff to work for your business it can open up a world of possibilities yet also present a few risks. As an employer, it is your responsibility to meet your workplace obligations and provide a safe working environment for both your temporary and permanent staff.


Employment Challenges 

  • We have all been there; the work load ramps up, and you need a staff member fast! Unfortunately this is where organisations usually make rash decisions and try and hire fast. Sometime employers forget the important things like the legalities of hiring someone for a short period of time, the contracts that need to be written up and the entitlements that temporary employees are subject to.  Under the Fair Work Act 2009 temporary staff are entitled to the same minimum employment rights as permanent staff, as well as the same work, health, and safety laws as well. Furthermore, they are covered by the National Employment Standards (NES)and the entitlements of their specific Modern Award. Although we all have a friend-of-a-friend or a past employee who can help us out, and this seems like the easy option for a quick helping-hand, but what happens when we need to ask them not to come back tomorrow?
  • Recruitment of staff can be challenging and when unemployment rates are as low as they are at the moment, this just adds to the pressure. Trying to find the right candidate who is also the right fit for your workplace is a hard task. It’s a balance between getting another resource and getting it right.
  • The task of having to source, interview and manage the whole recruitment process can put strain and pressure on our already busy work days and deadlines.   If your organisation prides itself on finding its own staff, the whole process from realizing that one of your staff members has resigned, to the end point of the newly hired staff member commencing ideally would take as little as 3 weeks – but more likely takes 6-8 weeks!  What happens to the health and well being of your current staff in the meantime? This is something that we need to give true consideration to.



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Why Use A Recruitment Agency? 

Using a recruitment agency can help to alleviate some of those pressures. By leaving the sourcing, initial interviewing and candidate management side of the process to the professionals, this enables you to focus on your job and getting the best out of yourself for your organisation. Regardless of your industry or the type of position you are looking to fill, a recruitment agency has dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s when it comes to the compliance and legalities of employing a temporary staff member for your organisation. 

Why should you approach employment agencies? That depends on your circumstances. But the most common reasons why other employers do it is so they can:

  • Quickly fill a role that has suddenly become vacant
  • Meet supply and demand during a special event (i.e. seasonal event, holiday, or unexpected surge in new projects)
  • Carry out a task that requires specialist skills (which no one else in the company has)



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How KLC can help YOU

KLC have been resourcing temporary staff for our clients for over 10 years and we have a great understanding of all that is involved when contracting staff out to organisations.

The Benefits Are Endless!

Firstly, we will gain an understanding of the work that is required to be completed, the systems you need the staff to use and the proficiency level of that system along with the deadlines they will be working to.  We meet with you at your organisation and gain an understanding of the culture and environment in which the new member will be working in, we also conduct an OHS check to ensure we meet the compliance standards. This gives the added bonus of KLC finding a person who can fit into the culture of your team. 

From our years of experience with temporary staff, we have a solid database of candidates which enables a fast turnaround time as we have already screened, met with and certified the candidates. A huge benefit of a temporary hire is that they have worked in pressure environments before and they have the resilience to hit the ground running.  They also have worked in similar workplaces to yours so they are insightful in making suggestions on continuous process improvements which may increase your processing times.

Try Before You Buy 

Hiring a temporary member of staff from a recruitment agency allows for an organisation to ‘try before you buy’.

When hiring a permanent member of staff, finding the right fit is of upmost importance. By onboarding an employee as a temp gives you have the opportunity to see if the person is the right fit for the organisation with no strings attached before committing to a long term contract. With the nature of temp work, a company has no requirements to commit past a one day notice period and we at KLC will advise them of that.   

If the temporary staff member we have placed ends up being someone you look to on board as a permanent staff then we can happily arrange that transfer of employer 


If you need assistance recruiting or want to know more about temporary recruitment, get in touch with KLC today.


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