Recruitment challenges and their solutions

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Recruitment challenges and their solutions

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With every turn of a century, come new challenges, new ways of thinking and new lifestyles. In the recruitment world, several turns have taken us to a modernised version of asking the butcher down the road if he needed help 4 days a week. So, let’s break down some of the challenges the last century has brought to recruitment.

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Candidate experience

As convenient as zoom meetings have made life post covid, the constant online interactions can sometimes create an emotional gap between job seekers and companies. How applicants feel during the hiring process, whether positive or negative, impacts every step of the way from initially applying to the opening through to accepting the job offer. Some ways in which we can make the experience smoother and more memorable are:

Making it easy for candidates to apply – Challenges in recruitment also lie in the lengthy application process. So, make the process mobile-friendly – 90% of job seekers use their phones during job hunts.

Writing clear job descriptions – The more information the candidate has, the more likely they will be to commit to the process
Following up with the applicants early and often
Answering candidate queries
Giving applicants information regarding what to expect during the process
Keeping track of applicants
Sending out and receiving candidate feedback surveys

Overcoming recruitment biases

Many recruiters don’t realise how common hiring biases are. When it comes to hiring a candidate, people often look to fill positions with someone they can relate to or someone who is more ‘like them.’” For example – someone in the same stage of life as you or someone who has gone through similar experiences to you might lead you to believe the applicant to be ideal, ignoring the negatives or any other red flags. This confirmation bias then validates your beliefs and ignores everything else. The solution? Work together! The simplest solution is to involve other members of your team when carrying out interviews. Co-workers can have a different perspective on the applicants and may be able to pick up on things that they don’t – such as minor personality flaws that go unnoticed.

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Looking beyond the piece of paper

When it comes to recruitment, we need to look beyond skills and experience when it comes to candidate searching. A suitably qualified candidate might not have the specific experience the hiring manager is after. The solution? Dig a bit deeper! With the right questions, you may find this person has great experience working with limited resources, has amazing resilience when facing obstacles, and is great at finding new and innovative ways of getting things done. None of these completely valuable attributes can be found by looking at a CV or limiting your search to strict criteria. Knowing each person’s story and what they can bring to a role beyond technical skills, is the key to discovering those hidden gems.



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