Life After Redundancy – Employee

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Life After Redundancy – Employee

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I think it is a great idea to plan for the unexpected not just in your job but in life in general. 

Save for a rainy day, clean the kitchen before you leave home, fill your car tonight, not tomorrow morning. If you think about it – do it!  Do today what you can – don’t put things off. 

Change is great, sometimes we control it, sometimes it seems like it can control us.

Each day should be about striving to learn something new, offering a new solution, exercising a bit more, sleeping a little longer, eating a bit better.  Preparation is the key.

In our careers we can do that by being the best versions of ourselves.  Expecting the unexpected allows us to be ready.  I find the trauma in redundancy comes from not having time to think about the next.  Invest time in you by making sure you are marketable every single day.


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I have always suggested to my colleagues, candidates and friends that updating your resume often is essential.  How often do you struggle to be impressed by what you do in your day because “I just am doing my job”?  Remember to capture the new learnings on your resume.  Every new project should appear, every new challenge, every opportunity to perform higher duties, every course, every new is important to capturing who you are and what you have achieved.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, the time is now!  If you cannot believe in yourself how can you expect anyone else to?

Easy for me to say?  I’ve been made redundant once or twice and whilst I may have executed one, I had my eyes wide open with the other one.  Having my resume ready and out there when the hammer hit was ok as I had two second interviews set up.  I backed myself and my skills and had established enough contacts that I was proactive.  Made redundant one day, job offer two days later, start a week after that.  Maybe it doesn’t always happen like that but being equipped for the “anything” certainly helps. 

A positive outlook is always going to help….

Those companies weren’t telling me I was redundant but rather my role.  So, I bounced back and took control.  Being positive and proactive will hold you in better stead than being underprepared and feeling like the victim.  

Life after redundancy equals new life.

Be ready.  If you need help preparing for your afterlife, KLC Recruitment offer a range of services to help you back on your feet. Maybe you haven’t written a resume in over 10 years, or maybe you have never even had one! You may want to polish up on your interview skills, so what better way than to sit with an experienced KLC Consultant and learn the tips and tricks on how to best perform in an interview from your dress, your posture right through to answering behavioral based questions. Get in contact with KLC today!! 


Written by Chris Sacco 


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