The Importance Of Time Management

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The Importance Of Time Management

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Ironically, this blog post was due last week… 

I knew it was due but I have been so busy that I just haven’t had time to do it – or so I thought. As I have found out, we can always make time to complete the tasks we need to complete or more importantly make time to go for that walk in your lunch break. Without time management, less work will be done and tasks (like this blog) will fall by the wayside.

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Time management is a skill. It is a skill that is learnt, not bred. It is a skill that is different for all people and can take years to perfect. Every person is different and in turn, every person’s method to stay on track and to manage their time is different too. Over the years I have worked hard on my time management and up until the last week, I thought I was doing a much better job. There are a few reasons why time management is important to me, and these reasons should outline why it should be important to you too.

Setting clear and concise goals 

I am not a clock watcher. I never have been and I never will be. In saying that, I like to go home at a reasonable time knowing that I have completed every task that I set out to achieve in that day. This can work to my advantage but also to my detriment. There have been days in the past where I haven’t left the office until well after dinner time because I didn’t manage my time during the day effectively or in a smart way. Setting clear and concise goals for what needs to be achieved and in what time frame helps us to keep on track and ultimately makes finishing all our daily tasks attainable.

For me there is no better feeling then leaving work knowing that you have left a clean slate for you to start the day tomorrow. In the world of recruitment things can change incredibly quickly. Some days candidates don’t show up for work and other days, clients have a role they need filled within the same day or even same hour. Being prepared and able to attack these issues as they come is a luxury that comes with being organised and being organised for me is a direct result of positive time management.

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I am not highly strung person and I enjoy my life away from work. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my job but I enjoy walking through my front door after a long day of work and switching off. Whether it is walking the dog or making dinner that doesn’t matter. What is important to me is that I can be completely focused and devoted to that activity at that point. If I haven’t achieved what I set out to do during the day there is always a little part of me that is thinking about that. About how I am going to tackle it tomorrow or about why I couldn’t get it done during the day. I like to not think about work at home – and for that to happen I need to know that there is nothing at work that needs me to think about it. 

 For me, improving my time management improves my ability within my work life which has a direct positive effect in letting me enjoy my personal life.


Sometimes yes, life gets in the way and it is impossible to complete everything that you set out to do. However if there is no time management structure or plan put in place, it is likely that every day there will be time wasted and tasks (again like this blog) that keep getting put off.


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Jarrod Sacco

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