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KLC 2020 Reflection Blog

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How KLC adapted to the change 


I wanted to be the proud owner of a business that said we did not need any government stimulus to get through this pandemic.  In fact, I did say that.  But I had no idea how long, how impactful, how determined this virus was going to be. So yes COVID-19 had a huge effect on my business and every single staff member and their family members.  That is not something that sits well with me.  Any decision I made about the business was a slow burn, putting off the inevitable, reflective moments – waiting for a better solution, not sleeping wondering how it will impact everyone, wondering how I could minimise the hurt.  I had to come to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is bigger than me!


So, we made adjustments, impacted some paid hours of our staff, some of us worked harder for no extra.  The KLC grit and determination pushed us forward! 


KLC- 2021 is exciting as we look forward to lots of pitter-patters of little KLC feet.  So we take a deep breath, dust off and say – we’ve got this, and know that we will continue to grow and manage to the best that we can, working with the elements around us, knowing we are making history and one step at a time moving forward.


Chris Sacco – Director 


2020 has been the year of challenge, resilience, and the ability to explore and seek new opportunities like never before. This could not be truer than in the world of HR Management. For us here at KLC it has meant that our ability to consult and provide up to date advice on issues pertaining to COVID-19 and staffing has been paramount to our client’s success and compliance.


As a HR professional we often find ourselves in situation that can be less than desirable, like the tough conversations. For me personally, what has given me some level of comfort in the past when having these conversations, is the human element and support we are able to bring to people in some of the most challenging professional moments of their life. But like many other things, 2020 and the working from home model has made this a challenge. I initially found the balance of performance management, change management and communication especially challenging in this environment. To circumvent those challenges for me has meant increased communication with my HR clients, more candid conversations with staff and an overall increased communication. It has not changed what we do, but how we do it.


Whilst there are many changes to laws and legislation as a result of the challenges 2020 has thrown, what I feel has not changed is the ability to build trust, provide guidance and communicate with people in a respectful and honest manner. At the end of the day, 2020 has been a challenge for everyone in its own way, but what we know we are all missing the most is human interaction and engagement, so for me the big takeaway and reminder that 2020 has instilled in me is when it comes to HR, to remember what the “H” in Human Resources actually stands for- Human Beings.


Stephanie Berry – General Manager 



 How the job market was affected therefore effecting our jobs and candidates


The year that was 2020 will never be forgotten. It will go down in history for the impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on everyone’s lives. One of the biggest negative effects of the outbreak was the loss of jobs and income for hundreds of thousands of individuals and the unemployment rate soring to all-time highs. As a result of this the candidate pool for roles thoroughly outweighed the available jobs in the market. There were 2 groups of people through this period, those who were looking to get back into work in any way possible and those who took a break from work whilst being supported by the Federal Governments Job Keeper or Job Seeker grants.


For those who actively looked for work, it was a hard task to get noticed. In one instance we had over 350 individuals apply for a role in under 12 hours. One available role, 350 available candidates. That is an astronomical amount of people to apply for a basic administration role. The main thing we found was it was those who has been strongly affected by the harsh lockdowns, those working in retail or hospitality, who were throwing their hat in the ring for a career change just to get themselves back to work.


As one of the lucky ones who whilst affected by the outbreak through reduced hours got to stay in employment, I commend all those who spent a small or large portion of 2020 trying to get back into a role. If you still find yourself in that boat, I wish you all the best for your continued search.

2020 affected us all differently and for different reasons. Let us hope for a more prosperous and stable 2021.


Jarrod Sacco – Recruitment Consultant 


2020 what a year! Working in recruitment has been interesting. The job market was always going to be something to watch. For us we were unsure of the affect COVID-19 restrictions would have on our clients and their workforces.


When we started working from home, we were working on mainly short term roles, this was good and kept us busy. As time went along we realised that we were in a unique situation where majority of our clients worked in industries that were deemed “essential” and therefore their need to ensure they could deliver outcomes didn’t change, in fact in some cases it became more demanding.

What we did find, is that the roles we were working on changed from the temp and short term roles to permanent ongoing and fixed term roles. So whilst it has been difficult, we are grateful to have been able to work with our clients to provide them with quality applicants during what has been a challenging year for everyone.


Jo Thomson – Recruitment Consultant 



The highs and lows of 2020 and how we kept up our mental (and physical) health


As 2020 comes to an end I begin to reflect on the past year and the many challenges it has thrown at me. It is no surprise to anyone that 2020 has been a year like no other and similar to many others out there in the world we have all lost something important. This year has taught me how important it is the reach out to friends and family members, to also slow down and take time for myself.


Going through our first lockdown here in Melbourne it did not seem as tough for me however the second lockdown definitely brought it challenges. In saying that, when looking back it is important to reflect on the high points too. Personally, I successfully completed one more year of my degree, I spent time doing things that I usually would not have time for such as cooking and I was given the chance to slow down and spend time on me. By readjusting my goals for the year and celebrating those wins I was able to boost my mindset during a tough year. I am excited to see 2020 go and am looking forward to a fresh new year of 2021.

 JZ image2

Jazmine Ziirsen – HR Administrator 


This year has provided the world with changes and challenges none of us were expecting to face. COVID-19 has brought such uncertain times and as I reflect on the year it is amazing to be able to say, “I survived 2020”. For all the fellow Melbournians who endured many months of extreme lockdown to ensure we got our cases down from the hundreds to zero, it has been a triumph we have overcome as a community and a huge one at that.


For me, I feel very fortunate to have been able to continue working for KLC during the pandemic and that I have been able to fulfill my role while working from home. Whilst it has been tough I certainly can say I have enjoyed that I have been able to walk my dog on my lunch break which improves not only my physical and mental health through moving, but also that due to no travel time from the office to home it means we can all get out sooner and enjoy the warmer weather and daylight savings. Staying connected to not only family and friends but also our team played such a huge role in lifting my spirits during COVID-19 and I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for not only KLC but also for me personally.


Georgia Smythe – HR Administrator 


Moving forward


We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times, “2020, the year that was COVID-19”. For me, I am so excited to one day tell my grandchildren of the pandemic we lived through, what a truly amazing time in history we have all lived through and witnessed. We have seen some of the worst in people – like toilet paper hoarders – and we have seen the best in people – family’s enjoying the task of taking their bins out and wearing hilarious outfits in doing so.


For me it was great to take a step back from what felt like such a busy lifestyle of being a single mum with a toddler, to actually enjoying the walks, spending more time to watch movies togethers and de-stress in doing so. I didn’t think I lead a stressful life but the effects the lockdown have positively had on my health now tells me otherwise.


As we come to the years end and look ahead at a fresh slate, I am reminded of how thankful I am to be where I am today and look back and reflect on the year and say I have truly grown and adapted to the changes that were thrown at me. This is our life now, and this is the way the world is traveling, so smile, love those close to you, pay it forward to those less fortunate, and have a happy and safe 2021.


Olivia Buhagiar – Marketing Officer 







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