How Employers Can Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

How Employers Can Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle Top Line Recruiting how employers can encourage a healthy lifestyle 559

How Employers Can Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy employees are happy and productive employees! That is why employers should build a healthy lifestyle and a culture of wellness in their organisation. It is in your best interests to encourage employees to live an active and healthy lifestyle. After all, it can help to drive productivity and motivation which every employer wants.

There are ways to promote healthy lifestyles in your employees so that their health gets disturbed a lot less.



Promote A Good Work-life Balance

Some employees get too invested in their careers that they forget about their social lives. One of the best approaches you can take to look out for your employees’ wellbeing is to promote a good work-life balance. This could be anything from encouraging your staff to leave on time, to banning emails outside of working hours. There is a time and place for everything, which is why is important to educate employees about the need for stability in their lives and the importance of knowing how much time they need every day after work to prepare for the next day.


Encourage Physical Exercise

Encouraging employees to exercise is a great way to encourage better employee health. One of the most positive ways to reduce stress is exercise. Regular exercise provides several benefits to both businesses and employees. Promoting a healthy lifestyle does not have to come at a huge expense yet the positive results will speak for themselves. Employees who exercise are less at risk of getting sick and missing days from work which could ultimately detract from your company’s productivity.


Recommend Healthy Eating

When employees have tight deadlines to beat, they often result in eating unhealthy snacks that are easy to grab. Just like exercising, healthy eating is also a way to keep away various illnesses. Recommend to employees about healthy eating by bringing in enough fridges and microwaves for everyone and encourage employees to bring healthy food from home. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, offer support to your employees to start eating healthy by providing healthy snacks and fruits in the office kitchen and dining area.


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Support Mental Health

Every person’s health is important and each individual has their own capacity to tackle sickness and diseases. Stress, anxiety, and depression are destructive forces in your employees’ lives. In addition to providing support resources for employees in need, review your health benefits to ensure that encouraging or requiring employees to use all their allotted vacation days. These are important and are not only fruitful for the person working in your organization, but for the business itself in the long run.


Engage the Whole Workforce

Every employer wants to know the secret behind motivating performance and encouraging productivity. We want engaged employees who are dedicated to the company and invested in its future. You and your employees should take the time to collaborate on personal development plans, offer every single employee the opportunity to better themselves and encourage the learning of new skills. This will ultimately result in a more educated, driven, and productive team to steer your company toward success.

All of us can do our part to help encourage a healthier workforce. Having healthy employees reduces time taken in leave, creates more motivated and happier employees and importantly displays that you care for your team and their well-being. Do not forget yourself either!


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Ashley Reyes





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