How To Use Indeed To Identify Candidates

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How To Use Indeed To Identify Candidates

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For those of you reading this who don’t know about Indeed…I encourage you to keep reading on as Indeed might just be that next platform you need to open up a door for even more candidates across the job market!

Indeed is one of the largest and most popular job search engines with 250 million visitors per month, 175 million resume’s uploaded and 10 new job posts every second!

Not only does Indeed provide job seekers with a free opportunity to create a profile, upload their resume, set industry or role-specific job alerts and allow them to write a little bio on their profiles, but it also allows employers to, search and message candidates with defined keyword criteria’s, create projects and advertise for free or for sponsored premium posting.

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So, how can you use Indeed to identify the right candidate?


Posting a job on Indeed is a starting point for businesses and organisations but after you post a job you can access a range of different tools to further attract or identify candidates. You can search by job title on resume, skills, companies, or field of study. On top of that, you can add specific filters to your searches such as:
– Qualifications
– Location and kilometres from office suburb (5km up to 100km)
– Updated within time frames (day, week, month, 3 months, 6 months etc..)
– Prior job titles
– Keywords on resume

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As a Recruitment Consultant myself, Indeed’s project function helps with candidate management. It allows you to conduct your search and message individuals as well as add them to a custom project where you can look back to see who you have reached out to and if they have responded. This is a fantastic function when you are dealing with bulk recruitment or ongoing recruitment campaigns.


Sending specific and enticing messages to candidates and job seekers on Indeed’s platform is a way to help you quickly identify suitable candidates. Personalising messages can be a great option to create a relationship with the candidate but also having saved templates for role-specific messages is helpful if you are recruiting for similar or the same role regularly.

I usually like to introduce myself, and provide a brief overview of the logistics of the role such as full-time, part-time 15 hours a week or casual up to 25 hours a week including the location and approximate salary/hourly rate. By being specific and honest during the initial interaction, will allow you to quickly attract the RIGHT candidate and not just A candidate.


As Indeed is a very popular, well-known job platform in Australia and worldwide, there is going to be a lot of competition, therefore making your job advertisement stand out and playing around with job titles and classifications to see where and what gets you the most traction is important in identifying the right person for the role/s you are recruiting for.
Every advertisement depending on the role will perform differently and working in the Recruitment space and the sectors KLC Recruitment specialises in, we have come to learn through patterns and pulling reports from the past what industry-specific jobs work best on Indeed and what jobs may need to be sponsored VS what jobs still perform whilst advertised for free.

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Indeed is a great platform for employers and has a range of candidate management tools available that can be used to quickly identify and be in contact with candidates!



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