5 Ways to Expand your Professional Network

5 Ways to Expand your Professional Network Top Line Recruiting 5 ways to expand your professional network 900 1

5 Ways to Expand your Professional Network

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Finding new and exciting ways to expand your professional network can help you create connections with people who can help you along your professional journey. Here are eight tips for growing your professional network.

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Research networking events near you

One of the easiest ways to start growing your professional network is by attending networking events. Networking events are specifically designed for people with similar interests to come together and discuss their interests, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to meet new people! Online or in-person networking events help get you in front of industry leaders and let you meet key players to make a lasting connection. It may be right out of your comfort zone! You may meet a potential hiring manager—or even find your next mentor—at one of these events as well. There are dozens of websites, even on your Facebook events. Which can show you what events are near you that you could go too.

 Talk to Family and Friends

Talking to family and friends can make such a difference, having general conversations can turn into a network resource. There may be people in their network that under other circumstances, you might not be able to connect with. Don’t be shy! Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

 Think Outside Your Industry

Networking in your industry is a great start. But to really grow your professional network, make connections outside of it! Expand your networking efforts and you will flourish professionally. It’s a great way to meet others that may not do what you do but can share useful information about navigating the office, helping you expand your knowledge beyond your profession and learn more about other fields, which could even spark a career change!

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 Join Professional Organizations

In addition to joining groups on LinkedIn, also join professional organizations or associations in your field online and offline. This makes it easier to connect with people who know the ins and outs of what you do.

 Connect With Former Coworkers

If you left your previous position on good terms, consider connecting with your former coworkers, or even your boss. If nothing else, you can catch up on old times and find out what’s new and exciting with your old company. If they’ve moved on, you never know who or what they know, so it could be worth it to reconnect.

Growing your professional network is not an overnight process. With slow and steady efforts, you’ll soon have a job search contact list that is sure to help you get your foot into the door of a company that you’d like to work for!


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