How to change your thinking and calm your interview nerves

How to change your thinking and calm your interview nerves Top Line Recruiting how to change your thinking and calm your interview nerves 489

How to change your thinking and calm your interview nerves

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Are you looking for employment? Do you have a job interview coming up? Are you feeling quite nervous about this? It is completely natural to feel nerves surrounding a job interview and being nervous isn’t always a negative thing – In some circumstances, some nerves could actually make you perform better!
In saying this, there are several things you could do prior to attending an interview that could change your thinking and calm your interview nerves – a big one for me is being prepared. Keep reading to see my tips on how to be best prepared for your interview!

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1. Know who you are meeting with and a bit about the company

Doing research on the company and the individual you are meeting with can help you feel better prepared or positioned to answer questions. It will allow you to know and understand more about their culture, values and purpose. I also suggest researching the role specifically as well as it may assist with feeling more confident when answering questions during your interview.


2: Know where you are going and how long it may take 

Take the time to enter the address into Google Maps and identify where there is nearby parking, how long the walk is from the parking lot and how much time you need to allow can help calm your nerves. I could even suggest doing a test run to the address a day or two prior to your scheduled interview time as this could also ease your mind. You must remember, the interview will be the first real impression the company has of you, so ensuring you are on time is very important.

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3: Try some practice questions and answers with a partner, family member or friend

Spending some time doing practice questions relevant to the position you have applied for could feel a bit silly but may not be so bad! It will allow you to prepare your answers to ensure you are highlighting your skills and experience to your interviewer.


4: Erase your self-doubt and negative talk

Changing your thinking is a big part of doing well in an interview. The closer the interview date approaches, you could have that voice telling you ‘You have not experienced enough for this role’ and all sorts of things – This is not true! Remind yourself that you would not have been invited to the interview if the employer did not think you were right for the role. Another simple thing to do is try positive self-talk. Talk about how excited you are for the interview and imagine how it will feel afterwards – this can make a very big difference. 


5: Clear your mind

Give yourself as much time as you think you may need prior to walking into the interview to clear your mind. You could get some fresh air, listen to your favourite song, practice some self-talk, take some deep breaths – anything that will bring you back down and level you out.

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So, although job interviews can be quite daunting and make you feel nervous, being prepared is one of the easiest ways you can relieve some interview nerves and better position yourself. Relax and believe in yourself – You can do it!



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