3 reasons why you should make a Recruitment Agency your first choice

3 reasons why you should make a Recruitment Agency your first choice Top Line Recruiting 3 reasons why you should make a recruitment agency your first choice 487

3 reasons why you should make a Recruitment Agency your first choice

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Recruitment agencies are a great partner to help you and support you on your recruitment journey. As an organisation engaging a recruitment agency it is paramount that you find the agency that best suits your needs and understand your business. You want to find an agency that works as an extension of your business, this enables you to get the best results possible! 

When speaking to our clients at KLC the reoccurring theme for why they engage KLC are:

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 1. Cost Savings

In both the long term and short-term engaging a recruitment agency saves you in both the outlay of the recruitment process and advertising, it also places you in the best position to make the right hire the first time.

Engaging a recruitment agency also reduce the cost both long term and short term in the following ways:

 – Allowing your staff to continue performing their other duties, reducing the time they are spending on recruitment

 – Engaging a professional reduces the likelihood of an incorrect hire, which in turn means the time and money spent to train and onboard someone is not lost

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 2. Time Saved

A recruitment agencies sole purpose is to find you the best candidate. Many organisations have an expectation that recruitment is in addition to a staff members existing role, this simply means they cannot dedicate the time required to find the best candidates. Recruiters will work to use every resource available to them, and as much time as they need to find you the best candidates.

Depending on pricing models of agencies, you are also only charged once a successful candidate is placed, this means you aren’t charged for the time worked on the role, so an agency will often not have any parameters on how many hours can be spent finding the right candidates- just that they need to find you the right candidate.


 3. Expertise

A good recruiter (like the ones at KLC) know what the market is doing, how to utilise the tools at their disposal to find the right candidates, the right day and time of day to post an advert, the best questions to ask- basically they are the expert. 

Engaging a recruiter doesn’t mean you lose all input in the recruitment process, it means utilising their expertise they will present you in most cases with a prequalified shortlist of the most suitable candidates.

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 I know at KLC we are always happy to provide further support to our clients using our expertise, often helping them devise interview questions they can ask the candidate or suggesting additional skills or behavioural testing that will help them decide on the best candidate to join their business.

To many engaging a recruitment agency for the first time can seem daunting, both in the trust placed in your recruiter and the cost investment- however as many of our clients at KLC know, once you engage a good recruiter who understands your industry and the roles you recruit to, the ability to call them with a staffing problem and allow them to find your solution and reduce your stress and time investment is worth its weight in gold.

If you would like to find out more about how KLC Recruitment can work with your business to provide recruitment solutions, please contact us TODAY!


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