Advantages of temporary employment

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Advantages of temporary employment

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Temporary recruitment is an integral part of many organisations’ workforce strategies in this day and age.

For candidates, many prefer short term assignments as they provide advantages that going into ongoing roles doesn’t.

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As opposed to an ongoing role a temp role is your opportunity to get the most out of your placement and use it as an asset for your job search moving forward. You might have worked with the same employer for 10 or more years and have great transferable skills that allow you to be selected for a role in a completely different industry from the one you have worked in. This will allow you to update your resume and potentially open a new set of doors.

Temp assignments should be treated as an ongoing job, especially if you are actively job searching. You should still be on time, work diligently and be a team player. If it is only a temporary role it is a great way to get a new contact that will act as a referee moving forward. And the other reason to ensure you work hard is the business may decide you are a great asset and not want to lose you. However, if you are late, don’t pay attention and seem to be treating it as a temporary job they may think you don’t want to be there.


Temporary recruitment is also a great way to meet new contacts. The business world as big as it is also quite small and you never know when you will come across someone again. My advice is you should always be professional in all your dealings so they don’t bite you down the track!

If you are at a time in your life where you have finished one job and you aren’t sure where to next, temporary roles can be a good way to fill your time and try out some new things. Who knows you may even find your next perfect role.

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From a business point of view, temporary staff are a great way to ensure the business has enough staff to get the job done. Businesses use temp staff for a variety of reasons from covering annual or long term sick leave, busy periods, preparing for projects or even while they recruit an ongoing person.  You will often see roles advertised as temp to perm, this is a great way for both the employer and candidate to do the role and get a better understanding of each other before they commit to an ongoing role.


All in all temporary roles, although often scare people off, definitely have their benefits.



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