6 Things You Will Be Asked At The Interview

6 Things You Will Be Asked At The Interview Top Line Recruiting 6 things you will be asked at the interview 461

6 Things You Will Be Asked At The Interview

  1. General Background

Often the first question is a request for a summary of your background. People applying for their first job should focus on extra-curricular activities, education, and qualifications; while more seasoned job seekers should discuss their recent roles and how these have shaped them. It is quite acceptable to repeat major points you have outlined in your resume or letter of application.

  1. Qualifications

A specific question often asked is “Why do you think you are qualified for this position?” Qualifications, in this context, mean all qualifications which could make you suitable for the position including educational, employment-related and personal. In most cases, this may be the question that will win or lose you the job, so your answer needs to be clear and memorable.

  1. Experience

Your answer should include details about relevant employment, community or educational experience and a discussion of the nature of the industry, the organisation and the position itself.

  1. Reasons for Applying

If you are applying for your first, or one of your first jobs, your answer should describe what you find appealing about the position, how you prepared yourself for a career in the organisation and how you believe your present job equips you for the position in question.

  1. Career Objectives

Be ready to discuss your long-term aspirations. Your best approach is one that indicates you have thought about your career in these terms and have taken some action towards realising your ambitions.

  1. Crisis Management

In some organisations, employers give candidates questions designed to test their ability in situations or crises. You should try to find out the most common type of dilemma for employees in the job you are seeking and formulate an intelligent response.

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