Tips on working with a recruiter

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Tips on working with a recruiter

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Relationships are all about give and take. That is in relationships of all forms whether it be a professional or personal one. Throughout your life, everyone will have a number of different relationships. From personal relationships with family, friends, partners to professional relationships with bosses, co-workers, clients and customers.

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A relationship a large majority of people will have within their professional life is that of a relationship with a Recruiter. So what are some tips to ensure that that relationship, (which can be a very important one in the grand scheme of things), can be a positive one? Keep reading below to find out.

 1. Be open and honest.

For recruiters to be the best advocate for you, they need to know you. That includes everything about your working history from the roles you have worked, the projects you have managed or been apart of and the learnings you have taken from your role. Disclosing this information for your recruiter gives them a well-rounded picture of your skills and your marketability for certain roles that they have available. Withholding information, lying or making up projects or achievements will not only hinder your credibility but also your relationship with your recruiter.

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2. Work together

Believe it or not, most recruiters want to find you your dream role. This is for a couple reasons. Firstly, recruiters do get a genuine sense of achievement and happiness when they are able to assist you to get a new role. All people like validation that they are helping others, so assisting a candidate to be able to do that is a great feeling. 

3. Show empathy and understanding

Being a recruiter, contrary to common belief isn’t always smooth sailing. Balancing the needs and requirements of a large number of clients and an even larger pool of candidates is a taxing and strenuous exercise. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, the joy of being able to provide a candidate their dream role 100% makes it worth it. As a candidate, it is important to remember you and your recruiter are a team and treat them as such.

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4. Be open to criticism

As recruiters, we know what information our clients want and how they want to receive it. Most of us have built lasting relationships with clients which allows them to trust us and keeps them coming back. This means that we may have suggestions about how your resume should look or how you could change your interview style to better suit each position. Take the feedback on board in order to make yourself the most presentable candidate that you can.

If done well, the relationship between a recruiter and a candidate can be seamless, effective and positive – in fact, most relationships between the two are.

If treated as a partnership where you both are striving for the same result (your dream, role), then you are more than likely to find working with a recruiter will be one of your better choices throughout your job search.


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