Saudi Arabia Future Projects

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Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing a significant development initiative. Over the next ten years, several massive projects are expected to be completed, altering not just the kingdom’s physical landscapes but also, in many cases, the daily lives of its residents. The gigantic structures, many of which were on display during the Cityscape convention in Riyadh, are referred to as giga projects.  They were created as a part of the Vision 2030 national transformation initiative of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Public Investment Fund, the nation’s sovereign wealth fund, actively supports many of the enormously ambitious and expansive projects. Others, such as the Mohammed bin Salman Non-profit City, are directly supported by the crown prince.

Get on board and bring your imagination with you. Here are some mega Saudi Arabia future projects listed below, ranging from entertainment parks and metro lines to the world’s tallest structure.


Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Neom, without a doubt the most well-known of Saudi Arabia’s mega projects, is the kingdom’s largest scheme under construction. This $500 billion high-tech metropolis, first unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammed in 2017, is the flagship project of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 post-oil diversification plan, which intends to diminish the kingdom’s reliance on hydrocarbons.

The Neom project will cover around 10,200 square miles and will be divided into ten districts, four of which have been announced thus far, including a 170-kilometer-long city named The Line (shown). Along with The Line, the proposed territories include Oxagon, an octagon-shaped port city, Trojena, a ski resort, and Sindalah, an island resort.

The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

The Red Sea Project

Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

The Red Sea Project is another well-publicized Saudi Arabia’s initiative.  This project would span 30,000 square kilometers and will include a natural archipelago of pristine islands as well as a large desert environment dotted with mountain peaks, historical and archaeological artifacts, and a dormant volcano.

The Red Sea project will be the Middle East’s first fully integrated, luxury, mixed-use resort, attracting visitors all year. Upon completion, it will offer 8,000 additional hotel rooms with a significant emphasis on heritage, culture, and conservation in its design.

By 2030, the project is expected to be finished.

Ad Diriyah

Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Ad Diriyah, known as the ‘pearl of Saudi Arabia,’ is all set to kickstart Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry. It is 14 minutes north of Riyadh and was originally the Al Saud family’s center of power. It developed into a significant political location in the 18th and 19th centuries, when Mohammed bin Saud, the first Saudi ruler, called it home.

The $17 billion project will have over 100 dining and entertainment options in addition to multiple luxury resorts featuring well-known worldwide hotel brands. The first hotel is expected to debut in late 2021.

Ad Diriyah is also home to Al Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides tourists with insight into the kingdom’s past.

King Salman Park

Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

“The largest urban park in the world” is the goal of the King Salman Park project, which is now being built in central Riyadh. A 7.5-kilometer circular promenade, an 800-000-square-meter “wadi,” vertical gardens with an Islamic motif, a labyrinth, and a bird and butterfly conservatory are all planned features of this park. In addition, the park will have seven museums, movie theatres, art academies, and event spaces.

The King Salman Park Project will also include world-class sports facilities, such as a golf course, a large sports complex, an amusement gaming area, and a portion for water sports.

Qiddiya Project

Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Qiddiya will be Saudi Arabia’s Disneyland. The family-friendly location in the country’s southwest promises to deliver lots of amusement. This currently under-construction complex will feature a range of entertainment venues, including racetracks, concert halls, sports arenas, golf courses approved by Jack Nicklaus, and Six Flags (shown), which will have the world’s longest, tallest, and fastest rollercoaster.


Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Saudi Arabia launched project ROSHN in 2020, to achieve the ambitious goal of 70% homeownership by 2030 by making constructive contributions to the country’s real estate and infrastructure sectors. ROSHN, a Giga project funded by the Public Investment Fund, is blazing a trail as the Kingdom’s foremost real estate enabler, committed to improving the quality of life for all inhabitants.

These residences, which will cater to all preferences and budgets, will set new benchmarks for excellence and provide occupants with excellent living experiences.

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD)

Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

The King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) is a stunning urban development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The city within a city is a dynamic commercial and lifestyle hub, spanning more than five million square meters and created by prominent worldwide architects.

On an area of 1.6 million square meters, the KAFD rehabilitation project will provide housing, recreational space, and jobs in Saudi Arabia. It will be able to house 50,000 people once completed. A six-station monorail system encircles the property, and an air-conditioned bridge network connects all of the structures.


Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Murabba will be a business and leisure zone in Saudi Arabia built around Mukaab, a 400-metre-high cube-shaped skyscraper. The $800 billion initiative promises to quadruple the capital’s size and population while also transforming downtown Riyadh. When completed, the new megaproject will elevate the city’s cultural standing. The complex will comprise a museum, a university of science and design, a multi-purpose immersive theatre, and more than 80 cultural and leisure venues.

The Riyadh Metro Project

Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Saudi Arabia’s capital will also get a metro system, with the first lines expected to open by the end of 2021. The Riyadh Metro is one of the world’s largest urban transportation projects, with six lines spanning 176 km and 85 metro stations located around the city, including Qasr Al Hokm, King Abdullah Financial District, and Western Station.

Once completed, the network will be capable of carrying 400,000 passengers per day on autonomous trains of 36m in length and transporting passengers in three classes: first, family, and singles. The metro network will be supplemented with a bus network. It is scheduled to open to the public in 2023.


Saudi Arabia’s Future Projects

Amaala is a mega-project in Tabuk province that will border the city of Neom and the Red Sea Project within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve, assisting in the establishment of a new luxury vacation destination.

The project will have 1,800 hotel rooms, 900 private villas, and a shopping center with 200 stores. Amaala will also include an arts academy. It is anticipated that the project will create up to 22,000 employment opportunities for the kingdom when it is finished in 2028.


Future projects in Saudi Arabia under the audacious Vision 2030 concept mark a paradigm shift for the nation and the beginning of an age of enormous expansion and progress. These projects not only alter Saudi Arabia’s physical terrain but also provide the groundwork for a future that is more resilient, diversified, and sustainable. Since the Kingdom wants to lead the globe in many different industries, these programs have an impact that goes beyond national borders and helps accomplish regional and global goals.

These projects also provide different job opportunities to skilled and semi-skilled professionals. Many recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia hire potential candidates for these projects from all over the world. These agencies help both job seekers and employers to find the best solution to the hiring needs.

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