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KLC Isolation Tips

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It has officially been nine weeks since I packed up my desk and headed home. Nine weeks of self-isolating, over two months of not seeing family or friends and many more months being overwhelmed by the media frenzy that has surfaced since the coronavirus came about. I am by no means trying to overshadow the larger issue at hand or suggest that this situation should be taken lightly. That being said, getting through isolation can be difficult and although there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel we still may endure many more months working from home and avoiding large gatherings. Below I have listed some tips from the team at KLC Recruitment which we have found helped us get through this time and maintain a successful work flow!

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Tip #1


Make time for you. Seems simple enough but proven to be a challenge, because time spent on you will look different for everyone. However, setting aside time for yourself, where you aren’t doing things for other people, can help restore energy and reduce stress. I like to go on a run, not because I’m good at it, but because it limits distractions and gives my mind time to relax. If running isn’t for you, try a walk, turn your phone off, listen to a podcast or watch a movie during your lunch break. Time for you is about whatever makes you happy and whatever is important to you. Setting time aside before the work day has started, during the day and at the end of the day has proven to help each of us at KLC.


TIP #2


Start something new. Think about something you have always wanted to do, or maybe try something that you recently saw someone else doing that you thought could be a lot of fun. For me, that new thing was cooking and having a better understanding on nutrition. I started reading books, trying new recipes and learning the importance of gut health. Again, this may not be something you are interested in at all and everyone will be different but trying something new keeps us busy and sets us a task that we can try to achieve.


TIP #3


Stay connected. Keeping connected to your family, friends and colleagues may look a little different for a while, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop catching up with people that are important to you. Host a quiz night over zoom, try a virtual bottomless brunch or just simply call a friend. Our mental health is so important and staying connected can help us cope during these stressful times. Our wonderful director Chris has implemented a fortnightly Zoom Quiz Night which kicks off every second Friday and it’s fair to say it goes for a good few hours because we end up laughing and having a glass of bubbles or two while enjoying each others company after a long week of work. It’s been great to unwind with my work mates and sometimes we dress up or have a theme just to make the laughs that bit louder! 

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TIP #4


Have a daily routine. I’m sure you have heard or have in fact said “children need structure and routine to stay disciplined”, so why should that be any different for us adults? Whether you are fortunate enough to work from home or are experiencing unemployment, it’s important that you get yourself into a routine to continue good habits and relieve stress. Making your bed in the morning, making yourself breakfast, grabbing that morning coffee and getting dressed out of your PJ’s can all help you to stay on top of your day and feel structured. We have tried to keep things as normal as possible for our work days since moving to a working from home arrangement. Our usual 9:00am meeting is still hosted, however instead of around the collab-table in the office it is via zoom. We have found that keeping a routine and structure, such as setting our lunch breaks out each day, has made this new arrangement seem like the new norm and it has increased our productivity! 


TIP #5


Don’t put pressure on yourself. We are currently experiencing something that no one has been through before and that thought along with many other things can cause us anxiety and stress. So, do what makes you happy and remember you are only human. 


Written By 

Jasmine Ziirsen 


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