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When it comes to hiring, not only must you ensure that your potential workers will be important members of your team, but you must also ensure that you can trust them with your visitors at all times. An international hospitality recruitment agency helps you in finding the right fit for your job globally.

Because the whole stay will reflect on your brand, it’s important that your workers are able to correctly represent it.

Types of Recruitment in Hospitality

Internal and external recruiting are the two forms of recruitment in the hotel sector. Determine which kind is best for your business by evaluating your company’s demands and present employee’s talents.

Internal recruitment consists of identifying potential candidates inside your present staff. Current workers are frequently eager to take on additional tasks in exchange for a better position; the benefit: if they have the necessary competence, training will take less time.

If you’re transferring this person from a non-customer-facing role to a customer-facing one, make sure you evaluate their communication abilities; guests are important, and a back-end employee may not realize it.

External recruiting is the most frequent hiring method; however, it takes a little longer. Some roles in a hotel may require particular training or trade association credentials, and partnering with a professional during this process can help you locate the appropriate individual.

For outside hiring, recruitment groups – college placement services, temp agencies, or employment exchanges – that teach students or work with unemployed individuals from your niche are a good choice.

Hospitality recruitment by Marfa

Marfa Recruiting is a prominent International Hospitality Recruitment Agency and executive search business with offices all over the world. In the hotel sector, we specialize in discovering, assessing, and placing leadership and managerial talent. Our hospitality recruiters have placed senior-level candidates in all areas of the business.

We’ve worked at hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, private clubs, casinos, private clients, theme parks, and foodservice firms, among other places.

When we initially begin an assignment, our recruiters spend time learning about your company’s goals, culture, and particular job needs. This allows us to offer you the exact type of expert candidate you require to address your business problem. Trust, discretion, and secrecy characterize our client recruiting partnerships. Our executive recruiters are completely focused on and committed to our hospitality sector customers’ long-term success.

We believe that one of our assets is that we have years of expertise to rely on while working on a project. As a result, we believe our ability to acquire exceptional individuals is unrivaled, and we frequently provide significant value beyond the fundamental executive search function and candidate recruiting.

Each project is approached by Marfa Recruitment consultants and recruiters using a tried-and-true search procedure and methodology. This knowledge stems from years of experience recruiting people for the hotel sector. We are skilled at not just spotting outstanding managerial potential, but also distinguishing between those who have the “right stuff” and the will and motivation to seek and accept an offer should your company provide one.

Recruitment, when done correctly, is a highly skilled profession that we take seriously and execute flawlessly. Recruiting great talent requires nuanced skill, which Marfa recruiters are always working to better.

Benefits of hiring our International Hospitality Recruitment Agency

The advantages of hiring our recruitment agency are:

Faster Hire

Using us as your recruiting agency will allow you to fill available positions quickly. They have a large network of contacts and access to high-tech tools that assist them to identify people with the hard-to-find talents that a company is searching for. That example, an agency already possesses a large number of papers, some of which meet the employer’s requirements. This cuts down on the time it takes to recruit someone.

High-Quality Candidates

Recruiting high-quality individuals is a challenging task. We, on the other hand, will always give you the support you need to find high-quality applicants. We have access to a big talent pool of pre-screened individuals that have previously been interviewed.

Career advice and support

Both applicants and employers will be able to contact us. As a result, you will save time by not having to communicate with the candidates. You may easily delegate that responsibility to us. They also offer helpful advice and comments during the recruitment process.

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