How To Go Paperless

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How To Go Paperless

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Did you know that it takes on average 5 litres of water to make one piece of A4 paper and it also produces 25% of our landfill waste? Even if you can’t go completely paperless, simply recycling 907kg of paper can save around 2,580 litres of oil, 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees.
Source: The World Counts 2019

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why go paperless?

There are many reasons why you should reduce your paper usage or go paperless. Not only can it significantly better our environment and its resources but it can also be a much more efficient and effective change.

Going paperless in 2019 is an achievable goal however the amount of effort to make such a significant change can be quite lengthy. So, listed below are some changes that you can make to help reduce your paper usage in the hope to become paperless.


Recycle, recycle, and recycle!

As I mentioned before recycling paper can have a significant impact to our world and making sure that you are recycling can be an easy first step. Make sure you have a recycling bin in your office or at home and don’t be afraid to hold people accountable.


Think about when you use paper the most.

For me it was writing small reminders or notes on small pieces of paper. Instead try downloading the sticky note app onto your computer and start writing your reminders on that. It is also a much more efficient way to remember things. I open up my computer everyday and see these notes and don’t have to worry about losing what I have written because it is automatically saved to the cloud.  


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using iPad’s is a great way to avoid unnecessary printed paper! 


Don’t be afraid to use technology.

There have been significant advancements in our technology and there are apps for everything you need. Note taking or typing in meetings can all be done through an iPad or computer and it can be automatically saved to a cloud, which stores all your notes.


Lastly take charge of the change. Everyone knows that change is hard, but if you don’t start making small changes than nothing will happen. Don’t be afraid to be the leader and don’t be afraid to hold people accountable. Becoming paperless is efficient, effective and a modern movement. At KLC Recruitment we are currently in the process of reducing the amount of paper we use. Instead of printing out CV’s and documents for interviews, we have opted to use iPads to write notes on and go through position descriptions with our candidates. This small change has created a lot less paper waste and paper purchase. How can you make a change in your work place to go green and become paperless? Try implementing some changes today!

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