Does consistent service really matter in recruitment?

Does consistent service really matter in recruitment? Top Line Recruiting does consistent service really matter in recruitment 835

Does consistent service really matter in recruitment?

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We remember the teams that win and the ones that struggle!

We shop online at the store we know has the clothes that fit us well and delivers on time.

We stick with the same utility providers because we know we can rely on them and their service.

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Why?  Is it because we trust them, is it convenient, are we creatures of habit?  If it’s not broken don’t change it.  What allows us to trust them?  It’s their consistent approach to service and to improving their service and feedback.

So yes, consistent service is what really matters in recruitment. 

Consistent service does not always mean getting it 100% correct all the time but it does mean listening and working towards expectations that have been set by all parties.

Ensuring that your service and experiences that are had with staff, clients and candidates is one we can pride ourselves against is part of why people will come back to you time and time again.

Setting expectations at the outset about response times, communication styles and processes then allows all parties to be working from the same level of intent.

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Being brave and truthful especially when expectations are unrealistic, whilst a hard conversation at the time will mean that the outcomes are more achievable.  Recruitment teams need to be extensions of our clients.  By keeping them up to date, advising them of speed humps and ensuring timelines are met.

A consistent approach behind the scenes means processes and policies are adhered to and will allow the outcome to be the same every time.  It is about recording what we do and how we do it.  It is about looking for solutions and improving processes.  Again, it is about being brave and admitting fault or imperfections and improving on them.

One of the life lessons we have is to practice, refine and practice again.  We master our trade, and we continually look for improvements.  I think reputation is one of the most valuable things that we have.  So, if we pride ourselves on what we do then people will know what to expect when they pick up the phone to speak to us.



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