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Candidate Compliance

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At KLC we understand that a Recruitment process is much more than just identifying ideal candidates, especially, in the Not for Profit sector.  KLC are an agency that not only understands your business but understands the impact that noncompliance can have on your business is pivotal.




Here at KLC we are an agency that specialise in providing locum and permanent staff to our clients and we understand the importance of knowing how to process compliances and educating our candidates on the length of time this can take.

For example, the processing time for an Employment Working with Children’s Check email to be received is currently taking upwards of two weeks. We educate our candidates on the importance of these checks in relation to working in child related work, how to go about applying for a check and how to transfer their volunteer Working with Children’s Check into an employment version. Our talented administration staff at KLC assist candidates through this process and are always happy to sit with our candidates to fill in the form online whilst in our office. We believe getting on the front foot is best.


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Checks can be a waiting game, however they are well worth the wait! 


National Police Checks are dependent on several variables when it comes to processing times. Unfortunately, if your ideal candidates name is something as common as John Smith, you need to be prepared that this check will take up to 15 working days to come back. As of March 2019, the ACIC are currently experiencing processing delays. Currently work is being undertaken to reduce the backlog, but if your check has been referred for manual checking you may have to wait even longer! KLC also conduct international police checks and MOJ’s for our international candidates. The process of conducting checks internationally can be lengthy however ensuring all documents are verified and saved into our system ensures a smooth process for all involved.

OH&S compliance is something KLC deem very serious when it comes to placing candidates in temporary positions. We may seem like your nagging mother at times when we chase up these checks, however for the health and safety of our temporary staff and clients we always ensure this is complete before a candidate’s contract commences. Our third party OH&S provider ensures there is no chasing of paperwork, their modules are all online and candidates complete these in under 30 minutes. This system also reminds us when candidates checks are coming into expiration, enabling us to be completely all over the compliance process.



At the end of 2018 KLC received confirmation of being placed on the Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES) Labour Hire Authorised List. What this means for you is that KLC is now responsible for ensuring all compliance of candidates under the DWES are met, checked and audited. KLC is responsible for the ongoing reporting and compliance of all candidates to the DWES.


After nine years of working within the Not for Profit/ Community Service Sector you can rest assured that the team at KLC have all based covered when it comes to compliance both internal to your organisation and external. If you want to know more about the services KLC offer, please contact a friendly KLC consultant today!



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