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Being in a healthy working environment is one of the most important parts of work. You are coming into that work environment every day. Working in a ‘healthy’ work environment doesn’t mean an environment that is green, clean or full of vegetables. It means a workplace where staff want to come in and be a part of a happy, energetic and healthy environment.

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Firstly, a sign that you’re in a healthy working environment is having a sense of humour in the workplace. Studies have shown that it reduces stress and anxiety in the workplace. Stress relaxes you when you laugh and puts others at ease. Also, people will enjoy working with you as everyone loves to have a laugh. It has been proven by a study that out of 2,500 employees, 81% said they believe a fun working environment improves productivity in the workplace.

Another sign would be having open and honest communication. Open and honest communication is like the calcium in your bones. When it’s there, you never notice or think about it. We take it for granted and go about our day. However, when it’s not there every moment is painful, and you can see every part of your body breaking down. The same happens to your team in the absence of open communication.
When the team doesn’t engage in open communication, mixed signals and confusing messages are involved. An example could be two team members working on the same tasks, and on the other hand, some tasks may not be worked on. This can lead to poor business results.

A relaxed and productive atmosphere would be another sign of a healthy environment. Having a comfortable seating area in the workplace for your break time or when you’re having lunch. Making sure that you’re not working in a tight and confined space where you can hardly move around and getting easily interrupted by your colleagues. These can lead to and contribute to your stress levels. Having background music, such as a work playlist or radio in the background can be very beneficial for your workplace too. A series of experiments have investigated the relationship between playing background music during the performance of repetitive work and efficiency in performing tasks.

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Another sign would be having positive values within a team. A positive mission statement that outlines goals and demonstrates constructive behaviour and having positive values at work can bring success to the whole organisation and team. The company sets out to achieve their goals, in an ethical and honest way. An example of some important values within a team is Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Lastly, flexibility in the workplace is another big part of working in a healthy environment. Flexibility is when everyone has the willingness and the ability to adapt to change. Employees that are flexible, can change their plans and navigate or overcome unanticipated obstacles. An employer can encourage this way of thinking by giving employees the freedom to choose where they would like to work. Including their own schedules and work locations. It can improve work-life balance; a study was shown that 73% of employees said flexible work arrangements increased their work satisfaction. And 78% of those employees shared that flexible work arrangements have made them feel more productive.

Overall, these are some of the 5 signs that you’re in a healthy work environment. You now know what to look for when choosing an employer! I hope this helps and please reach out to the team at KLC Recruitment on (03) 9857 6756 if you have any questions regarding this!

Stephanie O’Shaughnessy  

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