5 Daily Habits of an Effective Recruiter

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5 Daily Habits of an Effective Recruiter

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If you are a Recruiter, you know that there are many day-to-day tasks, duties, and responsibilities that you need to get through. Today I am going to cover 5 habits or strategies I implement into my daily life as a Recruiter to be more effective.

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Coming into work every day and having a clear understanding of the needs of your clients and being able to identify candidates with the appropriate skill set and expectations they are looking for is extremely important if you want to be an effective recruiter.

Have you spoken to a candidate who you are not 100% sold on? Call your client and run through a bit about them and get their thoughts before ruling them out.
Are you working on a job and there is a reoccurring question you just quite cannot answer? Call your client and find out the answer.
Are you meeting with 3 clients on Thursday? Call your client and update them so they know by the end of the week you will potentially be presenting them with some potential new staff members.

Knowing your clients and knowing them well could be the difference between your agency and another agency hitting the brief and providing adequate service and leaving a really good impression.



Thinking outside of the box is an essential tactic you need to practice every day if you want you and your business to stand out from the crowd.
The candidate market is an everchanging beast which is why it is important to ALWAYS be thinking outside of the box whether that is with your marketing strategy, role requirements, options for candidates, options for clients and so on.


As we know, candidates can come and go quicker than we can blink so something I do on a daily basis is ensure the candidates I am currently working with are feeling involved, updated and kept in the loop on their journey to finding and securing their next role. Having transparent and honest communication with your candidates can ensure they are feeling important and do not have false expectations in terms of timelines and updates.

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Recruitment is nothing without people, candidates, clients, and conversations, so reaching out to new profiles on LinkedIn, making new connections or other social media platforms is super important.

It could be the next candidate you place into one of your client vacancies or the next General Manager that reaches out to you for a quote on assisting them with finding new staff.
The more connections and conversations you have, the more people will see what your company is up to, working on, the programs or charities you are supporting or invested in and more!


Time management is one of the best recruiter skills as there is always a lot to do! Making sure you manage your time well and manage all aspects of your role requirements will help you to be a more effective recruiter.
Personally, I am a to-do list sort of person and make lists every day and check my tasks off as I get through them(sometimes almost as quickly as I add the next thing on) and I find that the best way to manage my time and priorities for the day. 



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