4 Recruitment Tips from a Recruitment Resourcer

4 Recruitment Tips from a Recruitment Resourcer Top Line Recruiting 4 recruitment tips from a recruitment resourcer 842


Shaun Tips to Recruitment

Looking in from the outside, it can seem that recruitment is simple. Go to an online job board, type in the job role you’re looking to fill, and select your candidate. WOW, wouldn’t that be amazing if it were true – maybe not so great as we recruiters would find ourselves out of work!! 

From my motto on our website, you can see that I compare recruitment to speed dating. When looked at with a macro lens, the similarities are uncanny. 

Recruiters will often find what they are looking for and organise a meeting. Then they’ll get a fifteen-minute window to speak to their candidate, get to know them, talk about the client, and hope to spark an interest that leaves the candidate (you) wanting more. Sound familiar?

So, without further ado, let’s talk about some steps to recruitment and share some insider knowledge.

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Match Making: Ooh, La La

To ensure a good match is made, we (recruiters) listen to our instincts and feelings, ask questions, and burrow deeper if an answer is too vague. We try to gauge your level of interest and of course, we want to know if you’re available!! (For the job) 

We do this because your answers are important to us. We don’t want to set you up for failure or embarrassment by putting you in an interview where you can’t answer the questions. 

Imagine being lured into an ‘amazing’ (yes, air quotes) blind date by your friend (who knows your needs), and then you realise the blind date is not what you wanted/need. You would be disappointed, right? Maybe you wouldn’t accept another blind date proposal from that friend again! 

Candidates, talk to us, give us as much information as you feel necessary, and sell your skills. 

Recruiters, start actively listening and asking more questions – your match-making reputation depends on it.

Salary: Did my date just ask me how much I earn?

Every relationship will have this chat sooner or later. It usually starts with “What do you do for work,” “whereabouts do you live,” “What sort of car do you drive,” etc. People ask indirect questions about salary as no one likes initiating the topic for fear of leaving a wrong impression. Unless you’re a high roller looking to flex (not cool)

However, we need to ask you what your expectations are to ensure that you’re a good match for what’s on offer and to make sure the proposal is a good match for you. Salary can be and is usually used to measure your level of experience. More experienced candidates with a track record of success will feel confident commanding a higher salary. In contrast, a junior (new to the workforce) will generally take what is on offer and not negotiate.

Candidates, this is your opportunity to assert your worth. When you apply for a job, you should research the salary of said job title to ensure you don’t miss out. Recruiters don’t take it personally if you’re rejected based on a salary. It is usually out of your control and not reflective of your ability.

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Communication: What’s your love language?

A recruiter is required to communicate well with a wide range of people. For example, They will ensure to keep you updated on every step and are happy to use a range of communication methods. If a recruiter isn’t communicating how you prefer, please tell them. Recruiters talk to many people in a day and learn very quickly that one method of communication isn’t always the best but often forget to ask about communication preferences.

This one is for the recruiters; please make sure you understand your candidate’s communication needs. There’s nothing more frustrating when, as a candidate, you’ve asked for email communication as you’re at work Mon-Fri, and you get the interruptive call instead. As we figure out our partner’s love language, please determine your candidate’s communication preferences for smooth sailing.

Rejection: It’s not you or me, it’s them…

 Ah… that old chestnut… Not all first dates go as planned; no one likes being rejected, and no one should enjoy rejecting others. The key is to be kind and respectful when being rejected or rejecting the role. 

(Yes, recruiters, ghosting your candidates after learning of the candidate’s rejection is poor form and damages your brand).  

Recruiters, please respect your candidate and the time they put into applying for the role. If they’re not successful, then pick up the phone and let them know (or send an email (a personalized email) if they have requested email comms) 

Candidates, hang in there, dust yourself off, vent with us, and let’s work together on the next opportunity together – we are your wing person Afterall. We want to get you your next dream job just as much as you do. 

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Love is a complex beast… I meant recruitment!!

Recruitment is a complex beast, and it doesn’t always work out the way we initially planned. Roadblocks can often come out of nowhere, but we as a collective need to keep pushing forward with open, honest, and constructive communication to pave the way for a future of effective and seamless matchmaking… Doh! Recruitment!! 

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