Why Microlearning should matter to your business

Why Microlearning should matter to your business Top Line Recruiting why microlearning should matter to your business 885 1

Why Microlearning should matter to your business

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Learning is for many a lifelong journey of exposing ourselves and our minds to new concepts, stepping outside our comfort zone to absorb new information or to further develop and build on the things we already know.

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In business, learning and development are key aspects of the continued development of our employees and their learning journeys. In our extremely business working and personal lives sometimes the idea of putting aside time for learning and development can seem daunting. And whilst we know it’s extremely important we ultimately feel deep down in our gut that taking three days out to attend a course while extremely beneficial can for some cause more angst than not.


So how do we combat this? Is there a way we can ensure that our employees and our priorities continued professional development and learning but in a way that is beneficial to a balance?


There is and you may never have heard of it- it’s the concept of MICROLEARNING. Microlearning is a snappy, more engaging and less time-consuming approach to training. In many instances, it is often more cost-effective. I must state that unfortunately, microlearning is not perfect for all our training needs- but certainly fits the bill for many of our corporate training needs.

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So what makes it microlearning?

In terms of micro learning, it does not necessarily just mean short in its nature. Microlearning can be determined by challenging other traditional learning norms. Microlearning can be small either in its units but also could comprise a number of short-term learning activities. Another benefit to consider is making this available to learners at a time convenient to them.

Some vehicles you can utilise to deliver microlearning can include:

Using images
Short snappy text
Tests or quizzes
E-learning games

So why should I consider microlearning over traditional long-form learning methods?

It’s timely
It provides flexibility
Its easier to understand and absorb, and it is delivered in bite-size chunks
It can be more cost-effective


If you are considering whether microlearning is right for you and your business consider if it:

Suits the subject matter- microlearning is not best suited for complex learning
Is able to be delivered using engaging platforms such as gaming, or quizzes
Can be assessed using micro assessments
Ensures the learner still receives the best learning outcome possible

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At KLC we have embraced the concept of microlearning. It is something we have been able to implement by making a few subtle changes. If you or your business would like assistance in implementing a microlearning strategy in your business our experienced HR Consultants are only a phone call away, so reach out today. 


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