Why is there a candidate shortage? And what can we do about it?

Why is there a candidate shortage? And what can we do about it? Top Line Recruiting why is there a candidate shortage and what can we do about it 821

Why is there a candidate shortage? And what can we do about it?

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Throughout the pandemic, many of us were hoping for a quick recovery and a return to normalcy. Assuming we could survive in the short term, the long-term prospects for recruitment looked promising. And, if there is a candidate shortage, what can recruiters do to find the right people for your clients?

Here are some of the tips on what can recruiters do to find the right people for your clients!

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Job Security 

It’s relatively obvious that job security is crucial for any employee, but it is also equally important for the employer.

For an employee, job security means the security of income, which will translate into reduced stress. A stressed employee will be less productive on the job and can also cause various long-term effects like depression. 

For instance, established job security would translate into less employee turnover, which will reduce hiring costs and better overall growth for the company. 

Below are some of the most critical factors affecting employee job security in an organization:  

Economic conditions
Business conditions. If the business is booming, then it can keep more employees
Local legislation regulating labour termination. Some places allow more painless termination than others, which might affect job security
Individual factors of the employee from performance, education, work location, experience, and so on
Labor organizations (union)


Best Candidates have better options

The pandemic gave people across all industries the space and time to reconsider their careers.  Some of us have used the time to up-skill or re-train.  Others have taken stock of their work-life balance or may have decided to reduce working hours, opting for a flexible working model permitting more time with family or friends.

There is a cohort of highly talented individuals who have decided to strike out on their own. Skilled, highly placeable candidates are choosing to create their own businesses in place of working for someone else.

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Get Creative with Recruitment

Promote job ads online and advertise. Agencies can be especially helpful when it comes to staffing. Implement innovative methods for reaching, attracting, and retaining candidates. The most effective strategies increase reach and engagement, show why your company is a great place to work and make candidates feel valued.

Perhaps hiring managers and recruiters can use this as an opportunity, however. More and more, we are working on job descriptions that require a skills-based approach; one that will consider a wider cohort of candidates that may have previously been overlooked.

Companies also have an opportunity to provide promising, young, and less experienced candidates with a stronger program of learning and development to help them succeed.  With the right coaching, today’s rookies are tomorrow’s superstars.

Are you a job seeker looking for your next role in the social worker field? We are eager to talk to you about how your skills could land you in your next career-defining role. Get in touch with KLC today!


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