Why Attitude Matters: Six Key Reasons to Make it a Hiring Priority.

Why Attitude Matters: Six Key Reasons to Make it a Hiring Priority. Top Line Recruiting wp header logo 189

When you’re in the process of hiring, it’s easy to get caught up in the technical skills and qualifications of candidates. While there are qualifications, tickets and experiences are often essential, it is important to remember that skills can be taught, and a person’s attitude and fit within your workplace are invaluable assets that cannot be easily replicated. 

Why Attitude Matters: Six Key Reasons to Make it a Hiring Priority. Top Line Recruiting Copy of Blog post images 4 1

Why does HOBAN emphasise attitude over skills? We’ll share six compelling reasons for our approach: 


Individuals with a strong, positive attitude are more likely to exhibit resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. They approach obstacles with determination, seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problems. In rapidly changing industries, having employees who can adapt to new situations and overcome setbacks is a significant advantage, ensuring your organisation remains agile and responsive to evolving market demands.


Enthusiasm is the lifeblood of a thriving workplace. When you hire for attitude, you welcome genuinely excited and passionate individuals about their job, their work, and your business. These team members dive in headfirst, eagerly contribute, and gladly lend a helping hand to their colleagues. Their infectious enthusiasm spreads positivity and uplifts the entire team, especially during challenging times.


Finding the right cultural fit is essential for any organisation. Hiring individuals with the right attitude ensures they align well with your workplace culture and values. Rather than detracting from it, they actively contribute to and strengthen your organisational culture. This positive environment, in turn, makes your workplace attractive to potential new employees, positioning your company as a desirable and sought-after employer.


Picture this scenario: A candidate impresses with all the right skills and experiences during interviews. But, when they meet your team, it becomes apparent that their personality clashes with others. Hiring such a candidate might lead to discord among team members and an unhappy workplace. To create a harmonious work environment, we advise hiring individuals who can easily integrate with your existing team. Additionally, ensure you have a strategy in place to help manage any conflicting scenarios that may arise.


A pivotal aspect of hiring for attitude is seeking candidates who love learning and are open to growth. HOBAN believes that a true asset to any team is someone eager to acquire new skills and knowledge. Being receptive to training and mentorship fosters continuous improvement and adaptability. Candidates who prioritise learning are better equipped to keep up with the ever-changing landscape and stay ahead in their careers.


Expanding your candidate parameters opens the door to a wider talent pool, increasing your chances of finding the ideal hire. Being open to candidates with the right attitude, even if their skills are not an exact match, allows you to discover hidden gems who can thrive and grow within your organisation.

At HOBAN Recruitment, we firmly believe that hiring for attitude is a winning strategy. While some skills are essential, there are many that can be developed over time. Attitude is intrinsic to an individual and plays a fundamental role in shaping a successful and harmonious workplace. Embracing this mindset enriches your organisation and lays the foundation for lasting success.

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