WHAT DOES LABOUR HIRE AGENCY SCREEN FOR? Top Line Recruiting what does labour hire agency screen for 457

Screening is one of the most significant stages when hiring new employees by a business. For a business to uses the services from a labour hire agency, all they need to do is inform the agent whom they deal with for labour hire of their current labour needs and within a short while a pre-screened candidate is provided.

Labour hire companies bring off employee screening on behalf of their clients to make sure both the clients and the candidates get what they are considering for. Let’s have a look at the main things what your employment agency screens for with the employees they place in your firm.


WHAT DOES LABOUR HIRE AGENCY SCREEN FOR? Top Line Recruiting checklist 1919292 960 720



  1. Expectations – Employees have different types of expectations. These must be identified before the agency places the candidate to ensure that the candidate is not dissatisfied. Expectations like working hours and career growth need to be identified to make sure the candidate gets what they are looking for with as few compromises as possible.
  1. Skills and experience – Businesses are specific when they place a request to a labour hire agency regards to an employment position. They will specify the kind of skills which they require and a certain amount of work experience. It is the agency’s business to make sure that the candidate holds the necessary skills, education and experience before placing someone with you. This will involve verifying educational documents and reference check. This will ensure that once placed, the candidate will positively accomplished the tasks that you need to be performed.
  1. Criminal record – Your agency screens the candidates for any past criminal records. This is mainly important for roles that require some level of trust with sensitive information.
  1. Ability to fit into the company’s culture – Every organisation has an own culture or a certain type of ways that people interact with each other and behave. This is based on certain procedures, expectations and policies which influence the behaviour of people working within the organisation. The labour hire agency is tasked with the responsibility to find out whether the candidate is compatible with the organisation’s culture.

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