Trends in a Post Pandemic Workplace

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Trends in a Post Pandemic Workplace

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What does the future of our workplaces look like post the COVID-19 pandemic? What changes have become permanent and what trends are we likely to see when we transition back to the office? Returning to the office might look slightly different to what it once was back at the beginning of 2020. I’m sure the standard temperature checks and the abundance of hand sanitisers might not be a surprise to you, but there are significant trends that have emerged following the pandemic both within the workplace and generally within our society. I’m sure prior to this pandemic the idea of working from home wasn’t even discussed by most employers, it was most likely seen as inconvenience and a less efficient approach.

However, many employees today have found many benefits from adopting a working from home model and we are seeing organisations adopt aspects from the working from home model. 


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Firstly, you may have noticed within your organisation the significant benefit technology has whilst working from home. It forced employees and employers to change and adopt a virtual workplace, where technology was able to help and manage remote working. As simple as it may be, we used a printer in our office, however due to the pandemic had to almost go paperless. At first there were definitely some adjustments however have now found it to be a much more efficient and cost-effective process. The trend we are seeing here is that organisations are implementing virtual and tech driven workplaces in the hope to reap the benefits.


Flexible Working Arrangements

Secondly workplaces are offering more flexible working arrangements and opportunities. It’s no secret that many of us enjoyed going for those lunch time walks and the extra time to get those household chores done. We almost became more efficient with our day and were able to do more because we weren’t sitting in traffic or getting distracted by the chatter in the office. Organisations are offering employees the incentive of a flexible working arrangement; they are also able to provide someone the opportunity who may not live close to the main office. Also, organisations offering a more flexible working arrangement are appealing for potential employees and offer a competitive advantage over other organisations.


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Lastly organisations are adopting a culture that is promoting mental health and wellbeing. After the year we have had and for many are still having, organisations have become more aware and cautious of mental health within the office and its impact it can have to not only an employee, but also the subsequent impacts it has to other employees and the organisational culture as a whole. A trend we are most likely to see is organisations offering more support and advocating for employees suffering.


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Returning back into the workplace post the Covid-19 pandemic we shouldn’t be surprised at the above trends and changes. There were many issues that were created by the pandemic that now need to be managed to ensure a safe working environment. There are also aspects of the pandemic that organisations have benefited from and are now adopted changes for their benefit. Also, employees are speaking up and talking about the changes that have occurred within the workplace and are after a more adaptable workplace. It’s important that when you do return back to the workplace whether that be as an employer or an employee, you listen and support each other, and don’t be afraid to adopt some changes.



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