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Life After Redundancy – Employers

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Redundancy can take several forms, but it is almost always used to keep a company afloat while it goes through a period of structural change, technological advancements or where forces are making the company less profitable.  


The redundancy process presents difficult situations for all involved. From employers looking to safeguard their business from every legal angle, right through to the employee who is now back on the job hunt. It is essential as a company to understand all aspects of redundancy before starting the process.


If redundancy cannot be avoided in any way, a key starting point is to understand statutory rights, payment provisions, dismissal periods and, above all, to follow a fair redundancy procedure with consultation and communication at the forefront at all times.


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Consultation and communication is key!


Due to the range of complexities involved in the redundancy process, it is highly recommended that expert advice is sought to reduce the risk of making mistakes throughout each stage of the process and for your employees’ life after redundancy.


We are seeing more and more people who are still heavily jaded from their redundancy experience.


There’s no doubt being made redundant can be a challenging time. However, if you can assist your workforce with a forward plan, you’ll not only be better respected for the business decision, but you’ll be able to help your surviving workforce to recover quickly as they will have some control of the emotional roller-coaster.


60 per cent of those who are made redundant find another job within two months.

17 per cent landing a role within two weeks, 20 per cent within 3 – 4 weeks and 23 per cent within
1 – 2 months.


At KLC we provide services to your staff prior to a restructure taking place.  Offering an impartial opinion and separating the personal from their experience, we can assist your staff with their resume, interview techniques and total presentation for the next stage in their journey.


For expert advice on how to navigate the redundancy process, or for more information about setting up your employees with interview skills technique sessions and resume writing consultations contact us today and a friendly KLC consultant will be happy to assist.

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