Key words to use in your resume

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Key words to use in your resume

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Writing your resume can be such a daunting task because you may know what your experience is and your skills but putting it down into words that stand out can be challenging. The job market here in Australia can be incredibly competitive therefore its important that you can provide a good first impression. Having an attractive and strong resume is the first step to your application process so let’s take a look at some important key words that can help you out.

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I always like to start with a bit of a draft or outline and adjust and mould my resume to the job description from there. Once an advertised position has grabbed your attention try and take out some key points, for example are they looking for someone with great teamwork skills or communication skills. By analysing this advertisement, you are able to include relevant key words within your resume.

Another tip is to look at the organisation if provided, do they have any values or strategies on their website, for example a company within the IT sector might have different values and objectives than a company in the health care sector. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your resume fits and is relevant to the company too.

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Try also providing hard skills rather than soft skills such as a particular software that is relevant to the industry rather than team player. If the company uses a CRM, they will most likely search for shard skills rather than soft, as these can be determined in an interview process.

Lastly try and use descriptive words throughout your resume, you ideally want to sell your potential to a hiring manager. Some common words are achieved or improved.

In an article posted on Glassdoor in 2019 by Amy Elisa Jackson, career coaches and resume writing experts highlight on some key important words to include in your resume. Firstly, including numbers within your resume was a good indicator of success, the words and “redesigned and launched” have been highlighted as key words as they can describe leadership and transformation, two valuable skills within the current market.

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When writing your resume its important that you put your best foot forward. At the end of the day the hiring manager and the company want to ensure that they hire the best person for their role, based on experience, fit and education. That might be you but making sure your resume is both attractive and relevant to a particular job description and company is extremely important.



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