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International Recruitment

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There are a number of reasons why organisations may choose to use international recruitment to hire workers. Not only does it give your company access to a wider pool of employees, but foreign workers can sometimes fill a skills gap that local workers can’t.

When you’re expanding your candidate search overseas, international recruitment can connect you with employees that know their local market and culture possibly better than you ever could. They will be able to work in the local language and understand the local culture. The benefits can be as simple as understanding how customer service should be done in that country.


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While there are many benefits to international recruitment you do have to remember there are always challenges you may face.


Visa’s can be one of the challenges that comes with hiring an international worker. There are many different types which have various age limits, working rights and criteria that has to be met. One challenge that we have experienced is when you find an amazing employee and they can only work with you for a period of 6 months due to their visa restriction. Ensure that when you hire international employees you completely understand the requirements on their Visa and run a VEVO check to verify their working rights within the country.

International Police Checks

Another compliance to work within Australia can be an International Police Check. Most employers these days will run a criminal check and all not-for-profits and government organisations require one. These checks can take between 15-30 working days for one country, however if your candidate is a traveller and have lived in numerous countries for longer than 12 months at a time this is where things can get held up. At KLC we had one candidate we had to run an International Police Check on in 3 different countries with over 15 different addresses – to say this was a walk in the park would be a lie.  Most online companies do a great job of this check however some can be very lengthy and lack communication. Ensure you get the ball rolling early if you think you’ve found the ideal employee, and ensure you ask the question in the interview and receive the correct spelling for every address. Going back and forth with compliance checks is a process you’d like to avoid.

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While these challenges can be difficult, they are not impossible. The fastest and easiest way to overcome them is to find a partner with expertise within international recruitment and local laws. A partner that has experience in multiple countries can assist with international recruitment as your company expands, saving you time and effort. Not only can they assist you with all the compliance and headaches, they can help you find the best talent too. A great international recruitment partner will be able to find workers, screen them and guide you through the interview process. This is where KLC Recruitment can assist your company to find the right person for your role.

KLC regularly travel internationally to build relationships with candidates across various parts of the UK and New Zealand and assist them in finding their dream role in Australia. We have placed numerous candidates in roles from Social Work through to Trades and Services and continue to travel internationally to source candidates for our many eager clients. If this is something you are interested in or if you would like more information about the benefits of international recruitment please get in contact today!



Written By:
Olivia Buhagiar 

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