How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for 2022

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for 2022 Top Line Recruiting how to optimise your linkedin profile for 2022 850

With over 12 million registered users in Australia*, LinkedIn
has become increasingly ubiquitous in recent years, no matter what industry you
are in. LinkedIn is no longer just the destination for the top end of town,
wannabe CEOs and IT Gurus.

There is now a trend for everyone from tradies to chefs, and
entry-level employees, now taking advantage of the platform.

Here are some top tips to make sure you are not only found
but make it to recruiters’ shortlists.

Are you visible on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has excellent search functionality, which many
employers and recruiters use to find personnel with the specific skills they
are seeking. They use advanced search tools to hone in on specific requirements,
which job seekers must be aware of.

Titles and keywords are the key

Make sure you use the correct terminology, not just the industry acronyms or abbreviations. For example, instead of using the term BDM, make sure you write out Business Development Manager. Otherwise, you may be missed.

Spell check

If keywords are not spelled correctly, they won’t be picked up by automated scans,
and opportunities will be missed.

sure you read your profile out loud to yourself. This will spot typos and
you will notice any overused words. Also pass it on for someone else to read.
If you wrote it, you might make some easy-to-miss mistakes.

Profile image

Including a business-like
photo of yourself gives your profile an added feeling of credibility and trust.
When an employer is looking at dozens of profiles at a time, this can help give
them an added sense of confidence.

You don’t need
to hire a professional photographer. As long as you have a modern smartphone,
you can take a photo that will be good enough.

Make sure the
camera lens is held at eye level of the subject, and that there is good light
directed towards the front of the person being photographed, but not so bright
they need to squint.

A background photo should be included too, the size is recommended
to be 1584 pixels wide x 396 pixels wide pixels, but you can resize a longer rectangular
image like the below to fit.

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for 2022 Top Line Recruiting Linkedin Header blog

Your profile is your live, online resume

LinkedIn will reflect your experience, so you must include more than just your job titles and employment period. Incorporate achievements and experience from your current and previous roles. You can use this to show off your successes, and any case studies you may have to share.

Keep your profile updated, as you never know who may be
looking to you as their next hire! So revise your roles and certifications


This will be one of the first elements recruiters will see  

when they visit your page. You have 220 characters, so you
can use this as a neat summary of what you do.

Some suggestions are below:

Hiring Manager at ACME Co – Helping People Reach Their Employment Goals

Sales Manager at ACME Co + 20 Years of Experience in Technology Sales | Motivated by Meeting my Clients’ Needs

Link to companies

businesses will have business pages. If so, make sure you link out to their
page. This is an easy way to review the companies you have worked for.

Your Location

not only look for the right skills, but they also need candidates who are more
likely to accept an offer. Therefore, they will target local candidates at the start
of their search.

Qualifications and Education

Ensure your education and certifications are all up to date.
Often hirers will automatically rule out people who meet the specific criteria
they seek.

Increase your network size

Now you have completed the updates, make sure you add connections that you feel will be valuable to your career. Once you have found a selection of people you know or have worked with, the LinkedIn algorithm will show you more people in similar positions that you can then connect with.

Are you ready to find a new role?

Please head to our Job Search page where you can search for your next opportunity


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