How to dress up in a Zoom interview

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How to dress up in a Zoom interview

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As we enter another month of lockdown here in Victoria, it can be tempting for those applying for roles to attend their online interview with an attire known as corporate on the top, party on the bottom. But what if you had to get up unexpectedly or were caught wearing your comfortable flannelette giraffe pyjama pants during the interview? Sweating at the thought of the embarrassment of that? Me too, but with these tips on what to wear for your next interview you can avoid missing out on your dream role because of a fashion blunder. 

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Dress like you are attending the interview in person

It might feel silly to be sitting in your living room in a nice shirt or a work dress however the first impression you make when you attend a job interview is the most important one and you want your prospective employer to know you are not only a professional but are well groomed. Often before a candidate even opens their mouth, they are being judged on how they dress, and it can give certain ideas as to who you are as a person. Now, you don’t need to change yourself purely for a job however dressing appropriately is always required. You’d rather be overdressed in this instance than underdressed. 


Don’t over accessorise

Whether you are interviewing in person or online, try not to wear too much jewellery or anything flashy and extremely distracting. This can take away the attention from what you are saying and if you have prepared your answers well you don’t need a bright orange earring taking away from you, the star of the interview. 

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Brush your hair 

There are many ways in which you could style your hair for an interview but the most important advice I would give would be to ensure that it is brushed at a minimum and you don’t look like you just crawled out of bed. You want to prepare and present your best self, whether your hair is up, down, or half up half down! As long as it is neat and tidy, and for those without hair you are in luck of not needing to worry about this step at all. 

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Ultimately the outfit you choose is a personal choice and can be subjective to the industry you have applied for but remember how important first impressions are and allow yourself the chance to maximise your success and stand out from the crowd. Often when we look our best, we feel our best and that is one more bout of confidence that is always nice to have to head into an interview. 



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