5 things to ask your boss instead of Money

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5 things to ask your boss instead of Money

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In today’s day and age, there is so much more to job satisfaction than just the money we receive for doing our jobs. People tend to look for additional benefits, specific workplace cultures, companies that give back and various other motivators within their workplace. Here are 5 other perks that individuals look for other than money.

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We all lead busy lives so every second of extra time we can get is a positive. Asking for flexibility at your workplace could include changing your working hours, flexibility to attend appointments or even flexibility when it comes to family commitments such as kids’ birthdays, sports games or school shows. It is important to have the ability to attend important things in your life (within reason) and some flexibility within your workplace to make this happen is a great added perk.

Sure, you may have to make up the hours another day by working late or starting early but ensuring that you don’t miss the important things is much more important isn’t it?


Working from Home

Working from home has never been more prominent than currently due to various COVID outbreaks. However pre-covid and post-covid (whenever that may be), working from home is a great benefit that can be provided by your employer.

Hopefully in the last 18 months we have all proved that we can work from home and be as productive as we can be. As everyone returns to the office, it is a great time to discuss with your management the possibility of continuing to work from home for a set amount of days a week. It provides more freedom and a change of scenery every once in a while, allowing for great productivity.


Company Equipment (Car, Mobile, etc.)

Many organisations are open to providing assistance to employees for costs and expenses related to work. For example, if you use your car to travel to and from client meetings you could as your workplace for assistance with paying for the kilometres you travelled or a car allowance.

Along the same lines, if you use your personal mobile for work purposes you could ask for a work mobile paid for by your organisation.

These are not technically monetary additions to your renumeration but are great and helpful additions.

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Extra Leave

Who doesn’t love more holiday time?

Lobbying for an extra week or 2 in your contract for Annual Leave is a great way to bolster your available holiday time. Again, whilst it isn’t money directly into your pocket, an extra week of Annual Leave not only opens up possibilities for travel, but gives you more freedom and the ability to be paid for extra time off every year.


Roadmap – Rewards System

A roadmap to success, whether that be a promotion or to a bonus is another helpful negotiation tool.

IF you have been eying off more responsibility asking for a clear roadmap for you to achieve this is a great way to bolster credibility and give yourself an understanding of what is required in order for you to take the next step in your professional journey.

A bonus structure may provide monetary value down the track. If you can identify with your workplace exactly what key measurables are required for you to qualify for a bonus or for rewards, it provides a clear path for you moving forward.

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Whilst we all would love extra money in our pockets every pay, sometimes it isn’t possible or there are more important things to negotiate for. Next time you are negotiating, be sure to think about what is most important to you and negotiate for some perks other than money.



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