5 signs you’ve found the right candidate

5 signs you’ve found the right candidate Top Line Recruiting 5 signs youve found the right candidate 499

5 signs you’ve found the right candidate

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When looking for prospective job candidates there are a few things you can keep an eye on to make the hiring process efficient and effective. You may notice the red flags first throughout the interview process, such as showing up late, talking poorly about past employers, or lots of vague answers. We never really talk about the “green flags” as they may not be as easy to spot. Keeping an eye out for the green flags can give you a clearer idea of whether a candidate should move to the next step of the hiring process or be cut.

Here are 5 indications that the candidate is perfect for the job:

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1. Prepared

 The first green flag is that the candidate knows their stuff. You can tell when a candidate is informed, if they have done their research of the company, industry and the position in advance, they make for a high-quality candidate. They are likely to be a better culture fit and they will come in with the right expectations of the company and can be given more responsibility sooner! If they have taken the time to look into your organisation and have plenty of knowledge about it, it can mean they are eager to get involved and wanting to learn more. It shows they can take initiative. It’s worth your time asking if they know about the company culture and values as it means they are genuinely interested and want to build a career with your company.


2. Enthusiasm

 If you can sense the candidate’s enthusiasm this is a great green flag. You can tell they are demonstrating enthusiasm if you can hear their excitement in the way they speak about the role and the company. They should be showing exciting body language and passion in their voice. It’s a good sign. It can mean they take pride in their previous work, and they could do this in their new role, once again it shows they are interested in the industry, rather than just a way to pay the bill.

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3. Best not Perfect 

 Recruiters will talk about the “perfect” candidate. But no one candidate will be perfect, the best ones will be honest about their flaws. They should be open about their weaknesses and be able to admit when they might not be so strong in a particular area that may relate to the role. Being able to admit to this shows a kind of self-awareness and is a critical interpersonal skill that makes for a great worker. The perfect candidate is willing to learn and grow from their mistakes and improve on their weakness. It’s a great quality in a person when they are willing to grow with the company and give their all to makes any developments.


4. Respond Quickly

 A time-consuming part of the interview process is coordination regarding scheduling phone screening, interview, and presentations with various people all with different things going on. This can be made extra hard if candidates are too slow to respond. The best candidates should respond quickly and concisely throughout the process to help things go smoothly. This is a key point because if they can communicate quickly and clearly, they are likely to be more responsive in their role and it proves interested and preparation for the role.

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5. Interview goes well 

 Another great sign is if the interview flows smoothly. If the candidate can thoroughly answer questions this is good but you shouldn’t be the only one pushing the conversation. The interviewee should drive some of the conversations to create a natural flow of discussion. It should feel more like a conversation rather than an interrogation. This demonstrates that the candidate will be a good fit into the company culture and should seem as though they will be a good fit if you can easily click.


Apart from providing tangible evidence they will be able to perform in their job, the best candidate will be able to have their skills and character proven through written and verbal evidence. They should be able to have confidence in their works and what other referees will have to say. All this combined will speak volumes and tell you whether they are going to have good character, morals and professionalism and ultimately be the best candidate for your business.



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