5 reasons for considering using a recruitment agency

5 reasons for considering using a recruitment agency Top Line Recruiting 5 reasons for considering using a recruitment agency 800

5 reasons for considering using a recruitment agency

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Recruitment by using your own contacts, word of mouth, a referral scheme is the easiest thing in the world to do… when it works! It is said that the cost of a bad hire will be up to 20% of the total remuneration that you have had to pay. Not to even consider what it does for team morale and the “burnout” factor we are all feeling right now.

So, what should you look for in an agency and why would you think about using them?

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Look for an agency that understands your industry sector

Make sure you have checked out the credibility of the organisation you are engaging.  Do they understand your sector?  If you are looking for a receptionist the skills are absolutely transferable, but if you are looking for a Business Development Manager then the sector knowledge is important. The benefits of using an agency would be they know networks and they potentially have a wider scope of contacts.  Recruitment companies hire every day so they know what companies/competitors to target to help you find the best candidate.

Use an agency that understands who you are as an organisation or who has similar values

The agency you use should be an extension of your team.  If they do not understand your values and team dynamics then they probably won’t make the job of looking for the perfect fit candidate any easier for you.  You need to be able to have candid conversations with your recruiter to ensure they understand the scope of the role and the idiosyncrasies of the team.  You want the new employee to know exactly what they are walking into without them being scared.  So how the recruiter delivers the ”warts and all” is paramount to the right fit candidate staying and building their career with you.

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Engage an agency that is prepared to back themselves with a guarantee on the person placed

Imagine a company that backs their quality of service and outcome 100%!  That’s the sort of company you want to make sure you are engaged with.  One that gets you, that understands that sometimes things might go wrong, and when they do they are right there with you – ready to find the solution – not just to be part of the problem!

Use an agency that has great google reviews

In this world of social media, Google reviews are very helpful to understand the depth of quality and service that is provided.  Take a moment to read and make an assessment if this is the organisation you would like to engage with.

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Make sure their level of customer service suits yours

Finally, does the recruitment company you engage with coming back to you with the right amount of speed and enthusiasm as you want?  Did they ask you the best way to contact you and the best hours?  Do they give you enough information so you know exactly where they are in the recruitment process?  Remember if they cannot be an extension f you and the values of your company and team – then they probably are not right for them!


When you have selected the right company – you get to continue to work on the things that you enjoy and are great at whilst someone else finds you an extension to your team.



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