3 Steps in for starting your career at a Recruitment Agency

3 Steps in for starting your career at a Recruitment Agency Top Line Recruiting 3 steps in for starting your career at a recruitment agency 856

3 Steps in for starting your career at a Recruitment Agency

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With the sector continuing to grow, now’s a great time to consider a recruitment career – here’s how to ensure you get off to the best possible start!

Building Excellent Relationships

The first step in starting your career at a Recruitment Agency would be building excellent relationships with everyone. It is a massive part of a recruiter’s day to day role. Remembering and being consistent with not only your clients and candidates but your team and colleagues as well. The goal is to understand the client and candidate’s needs. Be real with them, we can sometimes repeat ourselves on the phone and sound boring, you want to make sure to keep the conversation unique and personalised.
You need to start with high standards throughout your relationships and make sure you are consistent with them. Some great way of doing this is to remember everyone’s name. It can be so hard, but it makes a huge effect on the person, it makes them feel special. Make sure your communication skills are on fleek, communicating to people and making sure to keep them updated on what’s going on. You don’t want them to feel left out. Make sure you understand the client and candidate’s needs. Some tips to show them that you are listening to them are to give them eye contact. Not trying to multitask, pay attention to them.  This will show them that you understand them, which will help you gain their respect and trust.

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Have self-confidence

It is very important to show the right level of confidence. Your level of self-confidence can be obvious to others such as your body language, how you speak, and what you say which can also impact your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Whether that’s being on the phone, or in the lunchroom with your colleagues. This will help you improve the way your colleagues view you and your ideas and opinions.
Try and push yourself and learn as much as possible, it will go a long way make sure you’re teaching yourself and take on board what your colleagues are saying to you. If you need to improve on something, make sure you ask for constructive criticism as you can learn from it.
Leaving your comfort zone can be one of the most effective ways to gain self-confidence, maybe you have dreaded giving presentations to the entire team. You could try to step out of your comfort zone by volunteering yourself and giving the next presentation.


Take advantage of technology

It is so important to be proactive with technology these days. Being in recruitment communication is key and doing this is by using technology. The way recruiters get in contact with candidates, such as interviewing the candidates on zoom, emailing, and instant messages make communication simple. You can be on a video chat with five different people in five different time zones. This level of communication encourages everything from quicker decision making to better relationships among coworkers, partners, and prospects.  
There are so many social media platforms we can use to find candidates as well! We can gather our information together from these platforms and analyse the information from it.

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We love working at KLC recruitment and we love speaking to clients and candidates and talking about what we do and how we do it. Please get in touch with us and see personally how unique and exceptional we can proudly demonstrate that we are.



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